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    So after staying at my first Park Hyatt last week (Paris-Vendome) I have deicded I am going to try to make one of my world traveling goals to try to stay at all the Park Hyatts. This might even take me to a few areas of the world I wouldn't have otherwise have thought to go. So how many have people been to and what is your favorite? Has anyone been to over 15? It appears there are about 37 hotels under this flag if you include several that are opening this year. Next up for me could be next spring in Abu Dhabi and Maldives.
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    We love the Park Hyatt Milan [ stayed twice ], Park Hyatt Tokyo, Park Hyatt Seoul, Park Hyatt Zurich in which we stayed most recently, a great hotel very near to the lake. Glad you loved your stay at the Park Hyatt Vendome Paris, we haven't stayed there yet on this location. A Park Hyatt which wasn't that great was the Park Hyatt Hamburg, we stayed there twice, but don't particular like the room layout and the uneven service [ especially on our second stay, we didn't feel the love ] was also an issue for us. It's personal of course, but overall so far, beside Hamburg we've enjoyed our Park Hyatt stays and would love to stay in more of them in the future incl. the PH Paris Vendome. Glad you're planning already more PH stays int the future. Enjoy.
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    In order (but it's difficult to decide - top and bottom were easy):

    PH Shanghai - great
    Siem Reap - beautiful but a few service problems in line with expectations for the area
    Tokyo - over-rated but good - no warmth in service though
    Dubai - beginning to feel a little tired but again a beautiful place to relax
    Abu Dhabi - were great with the Do last year and a wonderful place to relax, but not really a PH
    Zurich - top service but the city is over-priced
    Maldives - the island has got to be the nearest thing to perfection, but had too many service problems on our last stay for the price - it's a not great hotel in a paradise
    Hamburg - should be a Regency if based on service (and not a great one at that)

    Milan + Vienna stays in June; Ningbo + Saigon next year
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    We have stayed at PH Zurich, Tokyo and Changbaishan, China. All three of them were great in their own way. Last one (Changbaishan) is good for hiking and skiing. I could not afford to pay for the first two though...
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    In order of preference:

    PH Tokyo
    PH Paris Place Vendome
    PH Zurich
    PH Washington DC
    PH Chicago

    Only reason PH Chicago is ranked 5th is because I can only recall visiting 5. It's still a top-notch property.
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    I've only stayed at 4:

    Park Hyatt Sydney
    Park Hyatt Milan
    Park Hyatt Dubai
    Park Hyatt Aviara

    Looks like I need to get more Park Hyatt stays in. :)
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    I am curious as to what you thought of the PH Aviara? When this was a Four Seasons those who live in the area loved it. Many of the staff are the same but I wonder about the level of service etc. Was this change a downgrade?

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