Parents: Disabled Child Was “Terrorized” By TSA Agents

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    A 4-year-old girl in a wheelchair was almost subjected to a pat down search by TSA agents at Lambert Airport.

    The incident happened on Feb. 9. Lucy Forcks and her parents were on their way to Disney World.
    “The agents said she needs to get a pat down because she is in a wheelchair,” Nathan Forcks said. “It was discrimination.”

    Lucy’s mother started to record the interaction after Lucy started crying.
    “She was clearly freaking out a very scared,” Forcks said.

    Forcks said the TSA agents told Lucy’s mother to stop recording the incident.
    “They said it was illegal, but we knew it wasn’t,” he said.

    Eventually, the TSA agents let Lucy go without performing a pat down search.
    “It was just a big waste of time, and it wasn’t required,” Forcks said. “It was tough on her.”

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    TSA, what " do you expect "....:eek:

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