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    image courtesy of Paddleboard Orlando
    Paddleboarding is quickly reaching ‘craze’ status. For those of you not yet in the know, paddleboarding uses a specific type of board, similar to a surf board, and one paddle that’s tailored to your height, usually around 70 inches long with a single, angled blade on one end and a handle on the other. You stand on the board and paddle… hence the name paddleboarding.
    It’s okay if you’re asking “um… why?” because that was my initial reaction when I spoke with David Rose, owner of Paddleboard Orlando. Each week, Rose and his crew take paddleboarders on ninety-minute, two-mile paddles through the Winter Park, Butler, and Conway chain of lakes. These participants are in for one of the best workouts of their lives. “You’ll burn about 700 calories during one of our classes,” says Rose.
    Paddleboard Orlando schedules various classes seven days a week throughout Central Florida with the most popular being their yoga class. Yep, you guessed it. Participants paddle out onto the lake and do board-friendly yoga poses. Besides being a stellar setting for the activity, doing yoga on the board provides the added challenge of maintaining balance. Surprisingly, almost no one falls off. They also offers a strength training class that utilize rubber bands, water resistance, and the board itself to work muscles.
    image courtesy of Paddleboard Orlando
    Rose has also recently unveiled birthday parties and what he calls ‘board meetings’ as a way to encourage business organizations to try an alternative setting for their professional gatherings.
    Besides lake paddles, you can also test your skills in the Atlantic Ocean with a trip to New Smyrna, about an hour north of Orlando. This trip through the intracoastal waterways promises encounters with local wildlife, perhaps even manatees.

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