Packing for a round-the-world trip

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    It’s time to go! You’re just days away from your one/two/four year round-the-world trip. Hell, why even set dates? You may never come back. Screw reality, accountability and personal hygiene! You’re free!
    Equally, if you haven’t planned suitably, you may be back in two weeks due to illness, mishap, theft, or your companion ditching you for being an unforgivable travel liability. A big component of this planning involves sensible packing.
    I’ve observed two distinct styles for round-the-world packing:
    • The Boy Scout – be prepared for anything
    • The Lifeboat Survivor – bring only enough to forestall death, or at least social ostracism
    Like many seasoned travellers, I started as the former and, after much back pain and embarrassment, transformed into something closer to the latter. More recently, I’ve been re-inspired by Rolf Potts’ No Baggage Challenge to pack even lighter.
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    Good advice.

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