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    Hi all. Looks like most of you are traveling a lot. What is one thing you have noticed about the cost of airfare? As I look at flying to places I want to go I notice that it is very expensive. OK what do we know is the main cost to an airline? Fuel of course is a biggy. How much is fuel down lately? WHY HAS NOT FARE PRICES GONE DOWN$? WE ALL NEED TO START DEMANDING LOWER PRICES EVERYTIME WE CALL OR BOOK A FLIGHT ONLINE. Any suggestions?
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    Any suggestions indeed. I just looked for fares and yelled at Kayak on my iPad but nothing happened.

    Hint: fares aren't a function of the price of oil.
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    I just got back from a weekend to DC from Seattle where I paid less than $250, and got upgraded to first class on both ends as a pretty junior elite (there were open first class seats after I was upgraded). Similar fares are available to me right now to a number of East Coast locations like New York.

    Maybe you're picking the wrong places and times to want to go? Supply and demand is actually a real thing, you know. If you're choosing to travel to Hawaii at a peak travel time when many other people want to go, for instance, the airline doesn't have much incentive to cut prices.
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    Just returned from a not so-long weekend in Greece. @ 600.00 usd for airfare and a return of @10,500 PQM's.
    I'll say that SKG was not my first choice for a getaway weekend but I had not been there before and for those dollars nothing else looked as good.
    A good place to start looking is the 'Daily Deals' column on the right side.
    (cheep unpaid shill):D
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    I am always looking for lower fares,

    As the price of gas declines,,so does the stock market, even the airlines are declining.

    The price of gas is just a small item, in air travel. i suspect the cost of buying and maintaining the system is pale in comparison to a gallon of jet fuel.

    It does cost less at the pump, but the old truck, got a $1200.00 brake job the other days, on the CC.
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