Overjammed hubs @ peak times imperil pax, what would an uncorrupted safety agency do?

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    The cartel decides when you fly where you fly from and the major perhaps only objective is fleeced passengers sitting on 120% full flights. This works best by forcing everything through hubs and wasting millions of hours a year with unnecessary connections in far flung places. It is also a gift to those who wish us ill. If you’ve travelled through an overjammed hub at peak times ordained by the cartel, you can see all the corner cutting to move the lines. Flying from one of the dwindling number of secondary airports, security tends to be much more thorough.
    The country could use a strong safety regulator but has the totally corrupted FAA and the meekest agency of government the TSA which takes its orders from the cartel-its master- and is scared stiff of them.
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