Over one third of people suffer ear pain during air travel

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    Ear pain is a common problem during air travel according to a survey, but a few simple tips can help overcome it.

    Air travel is part of most people’s summer vacation and it’s not always a trouble-free experience from a health point of view (to say nothing of the stress of delays and overcrowding!). Deafness Research UK has carried out a survey to find out the most common problems associated with air travel.

    Read More: http://www.newsfix.ca/2013/07/21/over-one-third-of-people-suffer-ear-pain-during-air-travel/
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    If you have a slight problem with your ear/s make sure to get them checked out by a doctor before you fly. I remember a few years ago when I went on holiday abroad I had a slight pain in my left ear. When the plane took off I experienced the worst pain I have ever felt. During the flight my ear still hurt but was bearable until the plane came to land and again I felt in agony. When I got off the plane I released I was deaf in that ear and if someone spoke to me from the left hand side I could not hear them. When I got home I went straight to the Doctors who took a look inside my ear and said I had a bad ear infection and that the plane flight had made it worse. Anyway about a month or so later I regained full hearing again after a cocktail of antibiotics.
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