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    Hotels in Singapore can be quite pricey. From what we could tell most moderately priced hotels ($80-$100 range) had horrible reviews and seemed downright dirty.
    For our first night's stay in Singapore I decided to use my free night from the Chase Priority Club credit card that I earned after my first anniversary. For a $49 annual fee I think I got a very solid value. We booked the Intercontinental Singapore which would've cost us around $250 US had we just payed for our stay. The hotel was very nice and is in a great area.
    We procrastinated on booking a hotel for the last night of our trip which was back in Singapore. Since we were arriving from Kuala Lumpur around 9:00pm we'd basically be just showing up and passing out. I couldn't justify using the Priority Club cash and points option to stay at the Intercontinental which would've been 15,000 points + $70. We weren't going to get much use of the room- so I really needed to find a place to stay in the $80-$100 range.
    Kim and I searched many different internet sites for a room and nothing was catching our eye. We had a couple of local, budget hotels on our list for consideration if we couldn't find a better option.
    This is when I started thinking of other ideas. I had heard about Airbnb a while back but never seriously considered using the site. From what I understood, most rooms were in people's apartments or homes. It didn't sound like the ideal situation while traveling with an infant.
    We were starting to get a bit desperate to find somewhere to stay. I started looking up rooms in Singapore on Airbnb and there were quite a few listed. I came across one room that really caught my attention. The name of the listing was "Your room 5 mn walk from ChompChomp".
    The room was in a residential area in an area called Serangoon Gardens, just outside the city. I read through all of the reviews (around 20) which convinced me to take a chance and book it!

    If interested, check out the rest of the review/ post HERE
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