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    No question....Four Seasons Orlando. http://sitinfirst.com/2015/02/four-seasons-orlando/

    I lay out some strategies for ground transportation in my review. The quality of the hotel is so much greater than any of the Disney properties that the slight inconvenience in the afternoon getting back to the hotel is worth it.

    You should definitely book via Amex FHR or a Virtuoso/FSPP agent (no cost to you) for breakfast benefits.

    The Ritz is co-located with the Marriott and is much more Marriott than Ritz. The Waldorf also does not warrant consideration.
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    If you want on-property consider the Grand Floridan. Pay enough and you could get a villa with concierge. Definitely the best Disney Hotel, for whatever that is worth.
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  4. but the four seasons is better I know none cares about aaa five diamonds but only hotel to have one
  5. I have edited this to give more of a guide feel to people coming to Orlando @NYBanker

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