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    I could not find C availability for a sampling of days in April. Does anyone know when the airline releases for this route &/or any experiences with SWU clearing/not clearing?

    Fare from PHL is significantly lower if I fly out of PVG and I have plenty if AA miles. I assume the best way to get from PEK to PVG is via Cathay Pacific? Any experience with award availability?
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    Historically PEK/PVG have been easier upgrades with SWUs, though not always at booking. You might have to wait till closer to departure or even the day of.

    The best way to get from PEK to Shanghai (PVG or much better SHA) isn't CX. It's with a non-OW airline that operates on the route. If you're using miles or need to stick with OW for some reason, sure. But if it's for EQM remember that CX doesn't offer any unless you're paying for expensive tickets. JL is an option as well, but same reduced earning issues as CX.
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    ORD-PEK has always been an easy upgrade, no matter what time of the year. I've taken it twice in April, and once in September. The April trips did not clear at booking- instead it took about five days for the upgrades to process.

    On my most recent PEK r/t, there were only 8 of us in J on the outbound! greAAt flight and excellent crew.

    Return to ORD only had 15~ booked, so they had quite a few op-ups which filled the cabin.
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