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  1. Hi all! I'm very excited about this site. I have always been good at finding low cost flights for simple trips and have really enjoyed learning about ITA matrix to build more complicated itineraries. I also love this idea of mileage runs. Never thought about it before but now that I travel a bit for work I need to start working the system!

    I am a Dividends miles member. I live in Philadelphia so this works pretty well for me.

    My first questions...

    I used ITA matrix to find the following trip:


    I have one problem and one question...

    Problem: When I go to orbitz to book, it doesn't work when i put in the last leg. I'm not overly worried about that right now, I can just book that one leg separately if i have too, but it is bothering me.

    Question: I found the trip on ITA with the JFK-ICN legs in B booking class. I created the same trip in Orbitz and have the same fare, but I want to make sure those legs are in an upgradeable booking class (B or Y).

    I vaguely understand how to use the Fare Basis Code to figure this out, but I have six flights and only two codes so I'm at a loss of how to interpret this.

    The two codes I have are:


    Thank you for taking the time to help newbies!
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    If you can compare the matrix prices to the orbitz prices that may help.

    Another tip is to use expertflyer.com. There you can compare the orbitz price to the fare basis you find on expertflyer.

    I hope you have already resolved this issue.

    Good Luck.
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    Unfortunately there are very few online travel agencies (OTAs) that display the fare class. However, the theory is that they are using the same fare data that the airline and ITA are using, so if the price is the same, it should be the same fare class, the Y or B fare you're looking for. There's no reason why a discount coach ticket should cost the same as a full fare Y ticket just because you're buying from difference sources. There may be some small differences if the OTA is giving you a discount or adding on booking fees, but that should be broken out separately so you can still tell how much the ticket costs.
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    One code can cover more than one segment, so it's possible that those two cover the whole itinerary, but seems unlikely. The fare class is the first letter of the fare basis, so you have B and S above. Where did they come from, orbitz or ITA? Can you post your dates and maybe flight numbers?

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