Opinion: America dusts off its welcome mat for global travelers

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    Until the US accepts countries like China, India and Brazil in the visa-waiver program travel will continue to be less robust than it will be for more welcoming places. Until, in the absence of visa-waiver, the US adopts less costly and obstructionistic processes for visa issuance there will continue to be less growth in travel to the US.

    Despite those issues travel from all three countries to the US is booming. Many Brazilians make regular shopping trips to the US, taking advantage of their very strong economy and currency. That is so much so that in Miami at least, residential real estate sales now have sales to Brazilians in some areas at almost half the total sales. That is happening despite a gruesomely expensive. bureaucratic and humiliating US visa process. Imagine what would happen were the visa-waiver be adopted.

    My Indian and Chinese friends tell me of similar issues obtaining US visas in their countries.

    Brazilians and others are now flocking to Europe when many might prefer to go to the US. The EU, of course, has visa waiver with Brazil.

    The same is true for many other countries, I mention Brazil only because I have those facts.
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