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    And so the trifecta is complete. I now have a browser extension working which allows for integration of the BTS-based aircraft registration data into the OpenFlights flight history tracking system. Somewhat ironic it was last given that it is the one I personally use, but sometimes that’s just the way things go in the development world.

    Just like the similar implementations for FlightMemory and Flight Diary this one has a button to click which looks up the data for you. It works for both new flights and editing old ones.


    Simply click the button and the registration number will populate into the appropriate field on the form. If you don’t have enough parameters in the form (i.e. missing any one of flight number, date, origin or destination) you’ll get an error message:


    One thing which I know is different in the OpenFlights implementation is that flight number can come in many forms. Some people list the operating carrier as part of the data and some don’t. I think I have managed to handle that in the code but I’m sure someone will prove me wrong soon enough. If you run into any issues with that functionality (or anything else) let me know.

    You can access the extension in the Chrome Store here. Much like the recent updates to the FlightMemory version this one uses jQuery so I do not know if a direct download works. But here’s where I’ve got the file.

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