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    Freddie Awards: Voting Starts Feb 15th
    The Freddie Awards have launched a new, clean website to get voting week started! The polls don’t close until the end of March, but don’t put it off and forget! Make sure your favorites score the top prize in loyalty programs this year!

    AA plans to put extra-legroom seats on US Airways
    It looks like you’ll get what you pay for in Economy when it comes to legroom. With the merger complete, it looks like US Airways planes will conform to AA and offer extra-legroom in the front rows of Economy. Are you happy with this change? Do you often pay to upgrade and give yourself some extra room between seats? Weigh in on Milepoint!

    Virgin Atlantic To Trial Google Glass To Increase Efficiency
    It’s a nerd! It’s a robot! No, it’s the Virgin Atlantic staff?! Equipt with all the information you’d ever want to know, these attendants can tell you anything from the weather to confirming your dietary preferences. You’ll have to be an Upper Class passenger to experience this first hand, but we think it’s a step in the right direction! What do you think?

    Gogo’s Grip on In-Flight Wi-Fi Is So Big It Could Be Unlawful, Judge Rules
    While unlikely anything will become of this, it will be interesting to follow. Does Gogo have too much of a lock on the in-flight wifi market or is the competition just not up to par with their offering? What would you like the ruling to be?

    Reach for the Sky! Toy Story Gun Confiscated by TSA
    Pax can rest easy knowing that TSA won’t let Woody’s toy gun from Toy Story slip past their security check. What a relief! Don’t people know those things can poke your eye out? Next time your children are flying with you, make sure those ½” guns are put away safely in your checked luggage.

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