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    SMD5 Contest - Win or Spin
    What happens when you combine free stuff and a good ol’ postapalooza? Some very happy Milepoint members!
    Win thread: Win a seat on the Star MegaDO 5! Post anything as often as you'd like for a chance to win!
    Spin thread: Win a new custom Rimowa Salsa Deluxe 21" Cabin Multiwheel (spinner) which sells for $595. Post either “Win” or “Spin” as often as you’d like to increase your chances of winning!

    Miles For Mags
    Need an easy way to keep miles from expiring or just have some extra miles lying around and want a subscription to Sports Illustrated or The Economist? This is a great idea! There are plenty of threads on Milepoint about keeping the miles in your account active and this is definitely one of the easier ways to do so. Check it out!

    US Airways: Second Data Breach in 30 Days
    With 7,700 accounts compromised this time around, miles are beginning to disappear. Visit the thread, read the article, and make sure to change the password on your own account. Better cautious than sorry!

    Mommy Points: Apparently Nursing on a Plane is Still Controversial!
    While we don’t normally feature blogs from Boarding Area in our newsletter, this one includes a heated, yet enlightening debate in the comments section. These kinds of discussions are what we live for here at Milepoint and we think it would be great for our most loyal of members to pitch in and let Mommy Points and her readers know what your take is on the subject of nursing on commercial aircrafts.

    Milepoint Chat
    Join us and our special guests Jeff Zidell & Scott Voeller onTuesday, August 20 at 7 p.m. MDT for this live Milepoint chat event! You are invited to pre-submit questions in this thread. While we can't guarantee all of the questions posted in this thread will be asked during the event, pre-submitting a question presents an additional opportunity to get your question heard.
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