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    Is It Possible to Actually Enjoy Regional Jet Airplanes?
    Yes — and Here is Why

    The lack of a premium class cabin, no Internet Wi-Fi service, and no built-in in-flight entertainment system are only some of the reasons why vickers really enjoys flying as a passenger on regional jets airplanes. As you can probably imagine, not all Milepoint members agree with vickers’ assessment.

    Here is a Tip: The Envelope, Please...
    Tipping a housekeeper — especially after intentionally pushing him or her — may seem like a cruel and unusual response after having your hotel room cleaned; but when the tip is in the form of a monetary gratuity, members of the housekeeping staff are usually grateful. Because they apparently are not tipped often enough, Marriott is leading an initiative using printed envelopes to remind and encourage guests to leave a suggested tip. Members of Milepoint share their tips on what is a rather controversial topic.

    Do You Know Who He Is? Someone
    Who Really Needs to Use the Lavatory

    Elite level members, it is your right to use the lavatory in the premium class cabin — even though you were assigned a seat in the economy class cabin. If you are refused by a member of the flight crew, it is your right to argue with that person for several minutes. If you do not return to your seat despite the orders of the pilot, it is your right to receive a police escort at the conclusion of the flight. Is it your right to be wrong about your rights?

    Was It Just One of Those Days Where Everything Seems to Go Wrong?
    Kiosks not operating, the supply of customs declaration forms depleting, computers failing and lines growing: these were only some of the problems which jbcarioca had to face after arriving from Rio de Janeiro. Fortunately, the immigration process only consumed slightly greater than an hour of his time. Was this “meltdown” merely an anomaly — or was it just another day of processing passengers of incoming international flights at Miami International Airport?

    Hotel Brands Which Offer Complimentary Breakfast: Look Here First
    WilliamQ has generously compiled a source of easy reference for fellow Milepoint members with a list of hotel brands which provide complimentary breakfast to guests — regardless of elite level status, room rate, room type, or package booked. Now, as for the quality of the breakfast — well — that could be another story...

    Video: Randy Petersen Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge — Yet Again
    Once again, Randy Petersen has a bucket of ice water dumped over his head and challenged others in the process. This time, however, there is a twist: this ice bucket challenge is for The Kula Foundation, which believes that if corporations are given the opportunity to really benefit — not just reputationally but financially — from philanthropic giving, we will see an exponential increase in social change. Milepoint proudly supports this noble cause and mission. Find out how you can support Kula today by registering to donate.

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