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    No Penalty If You Cancel Your Flight Within 24 Hours of Booking It — Unless...
    Booked a flight but want to cancel it within 24 hours? That is usually not a problem, as you would typically be given a full refund without penalty whether or not the ticket is restricted; but on one airline, canceling your flight within 24 hours of booking it no longer can be done without penalty if travel is scheduled to occur within seven days of booking your flight. Find out on which airline this policy recently went into effect.

    What Exactly Is the Selection Criteria for Involuntary Denied Boarding on Airlines?
    Aboard an airplane which was almost sold out after boarding was completed, HaveMilesWillTravel and other passengers were told that ten volunteers would be offered $500.00 and guaranteed transportation the next day to leave the airplane due to hot weather and a short runway. If not enough passengers volunteered, people would be involuntarily “bumped” in the order of booking — last booked, first off — even though the official policy of the airline states that in such events, the airline will usually deny boarding based upon check-in time; but factors such as severe hardships, fare paid, and status within the frequent flier program may also be considered. What exactly is the selection criteria on this and other airlines for involuntary denied boarding?

    Reward Programs With Free Transfer of Miles or Points to Household Members
    If you are looking for a list of reward programs which allow for the free transfer of miles or points to members of your household without penalty, you are in luck: vickers — with the assistance of other Milepoint members — has compiled that information here. Also included are some helpful suggestions — including how to have members of your household use your miles or points to enjoy award travel.

    What is the Best Way to Find Out the Preferred Airplane Type to Europe?
    “Is there a list anywhere of the pros and cons of United plane types?” That is what profpeabody would like to know. Good suggestions and recommendations are given by Milepoint members in this discussion — but let’s just say that we prefer one that simply gets us there safely.

    Securely Wipe Out Sensitive Data Without Damage to Laptop Computer?
    Sooner or later, you will eventually part with that trusted laptop computer which travels with you everywhere you go — most likely perhaps due to obsolescence. In the case of Bay Pisco Shark, he will be returning his back to a vendor whom he is firing; and he wants to know the best and most complete method to securely wipe out every bit of data on the device without causing any physical damage to anything.

    Pull an Airplane — and Help Raise Funds for Special Olympics Minnesota
    Still feeling the euphoria of victory from the success in Atlanta as team captain four months ago, Pizzaman is once again looking to form a team to pull an airplane — this time in Minneapolis on September 12, 2015. Proceeds will benefit Special Olympics Minnesota Incorporated, which is a Kula Cause under the Milepoint Cares initiative. So — are you up to the challenge and the fun?
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