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    Major Updates for 2015 Announced for
    Air Canada Altitude Elite Members

    Among the updates announced for Air Canada Altitude elite members include an increase in the minimum flight requirements needed to be met in order to qualify for Altitude elite level status on Air Canada in 2016; the elimination of the 500 Mile Minimum privilege; an increase in the number of eUpgrade credits required for an upgrade; a new streamlined priority boarding process; the elimination of the option to choose complimentary access to international Maple Leaf Lounges and Star Alliance business lounges as part of your Select Privileges; expanded access to preferred seats; the ability to book and upgrade rewards in Premium Economy class seats; and the removal of fuel surcharges for certain Altitude elite level members on certain flight rewards — and Milepoint members are not happy with what they consider to be a devaluation overall.

    Are the Practices of Frequent Flier Programs Unfair and Deceptive?
    According to one member of the United States Congress, frequent flier loyalty programs are “rigged” to favor airlines, deceive passengers and cost consumers billions of dollars. He placed a request to the Office of the Inspector General of the United States Department of Transportation to investigate airline loyalty programs. As a result, an audit is currently under way to determine whether or not the practices of the frequent flier loyalty programs of airlines are unfair and deceptive. Do you believe that this audit will either shake up the frequent flier industry and improve things for fliers; backfire and make things worse for fliers; or simply be a big waste of time? This is your opportunity to take a few seconds to vote on what is your opinion.

    Should You Consider Travel Insurance?
    Some useful advice is given to estnet, who asked for assistance on purchasing travel insurance — including wondering as to whether the company from which the insurance was being offered was reputable. If the information posted in that discussion is not enough, consider perusing this discussion on how to shop for travel insurance; as well as this classic discussion pertaining to travel insurance suggestions and this discussion comparing companies which offer and issue travel insurance. Is health insurance better than travel insurance — especially if you are pregnant and are scheduled to travel? Here is a tale of woe as told by rodeojones regarding what could happen when you do not have travel insurance...

    Which Flight Would You Choose?
    Which of the following three options would you choose: the flight operated by an airline on which you have elite level status and therefore would earn bonus miles, not pay a fee for baggage, and have a chance at a possible upgrade; the flight where a low price could be paid for a guaranteed seat in the premium class cabin; or an inexpensive seat in the economy class cabin of an airline which was once considered a low-cost carrier? This is the choice which dhammer53 faces. Which would you choose? Please help him decide — and realize that the best choice is not what would appear to be the most obvious one...

    How Far is Too Far to Travel for a Weekend?
    Depending on where you live, when you take your flights, and how long your “weekend” lasts, Milepoint members give their thoughts, opinions and advice on when you know you are traveling too far to enjoy a weekend away. What is your personal threshold?

    #flyforpink: Last Chance: Your Boarding Pass
    to Awareness of Breast Cancer

    Through October 31, 2014, Milepoint will donate 50 cents to causes related to cancer — up to a $10,000 total donation — for every boarding pass photograph posted to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #flyforpink. You may post more than one boarding pass. If you used an electronic boarding pass, take a screen shot and use that. Ensure that you first remove or block any sensitive information to protect yourself, of course — such as bar codes, your address or your telephone number, for example. Imagine that: you can be helping a good cause for something you already do. Please help this effort reach the goal of 20,000 boarding passes and fly for pink today.

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