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    How Should Airlines Measure Loyalty:
    Miles and Points or Dollars — or Both?

    Although several airlines have already announced their commitment, are you convinced that a frequent flier loyalty program based on revenue is the way to go for airlines? Members of Milepoint are not convinced — and here are the reasons as to why.

    What is the Fastest Way You Can
    Thank a Great Flight Attendant — and How?

    Members of the flight crew seem to be regularly bashed by frequent fliers more times than they are appreciated. Here is a way you can quickly send your message praising a flight attendant who served you well on a recent flight. Although this topic is primarily for passengers of United Airlines, other airlines are discussed here as well. Have you thanked a flight attendant lately?

    How to Survive an Airplane Crash
    — and Have Fun in the Process

    Speaking of flight attendants, it is difficult to truly appreciate them unless you walk in their shoes — even if only for a day. Consider partaking in something which could open doors for you — or, at least, get you to open exit doors: at least one airline is offering a training exercise on surviving the unlikely event of an airplane crash. Milepoint members offer their experiences from similar courses offered by other airlines; and they say they had fun in the process. Find out how to enroll in one of these courses to get but a taste of the training flight attendants are required to go through — and as a bonus, be prepared and know what to do in the event of an emergency situation.

    All About Free Stopovers— and
    How to Book and Take Advantage of Them

    What exactly is a free stopover; what are the advantages to one; how can you book one; and how can you take full advantage of one yourself? Milepoint members impart both their knowledge and experiences to help you get the most out of free stopovers, where you can visit parts of the world along your itinerary at no additional charge.

    Marriott Used Wi-Fi “Jammers” to
    Block Personal “Hot Spots” of Customers?

    According to the Federal Communications Commission, a penalty of $600,000 was one of the items included in an agreement with Marriott regarding the alleged use of Wi-Fi “jammers” to slow down and cripple personal Wi-Fi hotspots at conventions and events. One member of Milepoint is so incensed that he is calling for a boycott and wants for you to help spread the word.

    #flyforpink: Your Boarding Pass to Awareness of Breast Cancer
    Through October 31, 2014, Milepoint will donate 50 cents to causes related to cancer — up to a $10,000 total donation — for every boarding pass photograph posted to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #flyforpink. You may post more than one boarding pass. If you used an electronic boarding pass, take a screen shot and use that. Ensure that you first remove or block any sensitive information to protect yourself, of course — such as bar codes, your address or your telephone number, for example. Imagine that: you can be helping a good cause for something you already do. Please fly for pink today.

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