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    When is a Best Rate Guarantee Not Guaranteed? When It Is a “Catch-22”?
    After booking a room for $514.00, easterly found out that a colleague — who is not loyal to any hotel chain — is paying $429.00 for the same type of room on the same night at the same hotel. Why would the lodging company in question deny the request of easterly — who is a loyal member of its frequent guest program — when he attempted to invoke the Best Rate Guarantee policy?

    Those Product and Service Reviews Might Literally Have Come at a Price
    The next time you read reviews of a product or service — whether or not it pertains to travel — you might want to keep in the back of your mind that someone might have paid to write and place those reviews; and AdamEfimoff provides proof of that for evidence. Note to ourselves: cancel that particular campaign to pay for reviews to build a larger audience for this newsletter...

    The Mystery of the Relabeled Upgrade
    Creating that round-trip itinerary between Osaka and Huntsville took a lot of effort by trobb49 — but at least he and his wife are on the wait list for upgrades. He wonders why the outbound portion of the itinerary is listed as “Upgrade requested”; but the return portion is labeled as “R class requested”. Is there a difference — and if so, what is it? Do you know what is the meaning behind the two designations for requesting an upgrade — as well as why?

    Warning About Purchased Upgrades
    Speaking of upgrades, Anglo Large Clawed Otter warns that if you were hoping for extra redeemable miles or Premier Qualification Dollars on purchased upgrades, you are out of luck. “Why should it matter if a ticket in Y is $500 and a ticket in F is $900 if you pay $900 in two transactions (original fare in Y, later paid up to F) or one (just buying the F ticket from the start)?” asked ssullivan. “$900 for the ticket is $900, regardless of whether that takes two transactions or one. If they’re going to give you the bonus for the qualifying miles and segments for the buy-up, then they ought to credit you for the RDMs and PQDs as well.” Caveat emptor.

    Death in the Family: Is This Trip in Vain?
    Our condolences go out to Mapsmith, who was to travel to help his in-laws move into an assisted living facility — only to have his father-in-law pass away; and the mother-in-law is not moving after all. The ticket he purchased for the flight is not refundable. What recourse does Mapsmith have pertaining to the airline ticket?

    Milepoint Kiva Team Celebrates Lending Ten Million Dollars in Loans
    To celebrate the major milestone of lending ten million dollars in loans within four short years — which happened earlier this month — canucklehead has announced that you are eligible to win one of several prizes in the month of May if you lend on Kiva and ensure that you designate Milepoint as your team on that loan; as well as complete the Google form. Prizes include free GoGo passes, Kiva cards, Restaurant.com certificates, and a United Club Pass. Click here to find out additional information and details — and congratulations to the Milepoint Kiva team on reaching such an awesome and significant milestone!
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