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    “Donating” $344 to an Airline — For “Doing Absolutely Nothing”
    Due to a schedule conflict, timfrost canceled and rebooked the non-refundable tickets for him and his partner. One thing: timfrost had never held the reservation and forgot that under the rules of the the Department of Transportation, American Airlines uses only the hold option — meaning that once the tickets were booked, it was too late to change them. Although he acknowledges that it was his fault, timfrost despises the idea of “donating” $344 to American Airlines for “doing absolutely nothing.” Worse is that the price of each ticket dropped by $30. Does timfrost have any recourse?

    Could “Do Not Disturb” Become Obsolete?
    Knock, knock. “Housekeeping.” That is not something you want to hear when you are trying to sleep in your hotel room. One hotel might have the solution: a policy of not disturbing guests unless specifically requested. What do you think of this policy? Would you prefer it over the current “do not disturb” procedure currently used by most hotel properties — or are there potential problems which may outweigh the advantages?

    First Class Ticket ≠ First Class Lounge Access?
    Whether using miles, points or money, travel on a flight with a ticket in first class should grant you access in the first class lounge, right? Not so, according to manhattan8818. He claimed that he was denied access to the first class lounge because the airplane was not equipped with a first class cabin — which was already bad enough, since he had specifically booked his ticket in first class. Find out how a manager resolved this issue once manhattan8818 brought attention to this dilemma.

    Two Runways Shut Down at San Francisco International Airport Through September 2014
    Runways 1L and 1R at San Francisco International Airport are now closed through September of 2014 in order to undergo repairs which will complete the final phase of the Runway Safety Area construction project as mandated by the federal government. The other two runways will remain open. If travel by airplane to or from San Francisco is in your plans, you may want to choose an alternate airport, postpone your travel, or expect possible delays.

    Would You Pay 30,000 Miles and $450 to Upgrade to Business Class?
    Exhausted from a trip to Seoul where he did not sleep for as many as three days, Aditya Vyas was tempted to purchase an upgrade to business class equipped with lie-flat seats. Is 30,000 miles and $450 worth a good night’s sleep during a flight? The answer is...it depends.

    Kiva Update: Team Milepoint Approaches $8 Million
    Members of Milepoint have supported Kiva since it was launched in February of 2011 — generously enough that Team Milepoint is approaching $8 million in loans in fewer than 3.5 years. Here is an explanation of how the Milepoint | Kiva Lending Team Mutual Fund works. Please help Team Milepoint reach that significant milestone even sooner by pledging a loan and changing the life of someone for the better.

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