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    Now Twice Per Month

    We want to keep you informed as to the latest of what is going on with Milepoint and its members. Starting with this issue, OnPoint will be delivered to your e-mail address twice per month; or you can catch it here on Milepoint. We are always open to ideas and suggestions on how OnPoint can work for you. We look forward to seeing you more often!

    Without further ado, let’s get right to this issue of OnPoint...

    iPad Mini: Did You Win?

    We know you would have cast your votes for the 2014 Freddie Awards even if an iPad Mini was not offered as a prize — but as with the previous two years, one has been given away.

    “I have really enjoyed my experience with Milepoint thus far, the forum is very well organized”, said pointshogger, who is the lucky winner. “I feel like I have learned a lot from my time already and I hope to continue to learn more from other users.”

    Congratulations to you, pointshogger — and enjoy your iPad Mini!

    Did a Hotel “Steal” $25 From You?

    Fees seem to hit you everywhere you travel these days. The latest is that deltagoldLass is accusing a hotel property of being crooked by charging her $25 for “extras” without her prior knowledge. Think that is bad? Imagine being charged for air conditioning and the use of towels in your hotel room. Milepoint members share their “war stories.”

    Miles, Points…and Your Integrity

    Play the miles and points “game” and upgrades, free lodging, and concierge service can be yours for a steal…but literally?!? Despite the above story of travel companies reaching into you wallet in what seems to be any way they can to get more of your hard-earned dollars, how does your integrity come into play with the complex game of miles and points? Beachgirl07 wants to know.

    Airtrain at Newark Airport Shut Down Through July 15

    The AirTrain at Newark International Airport is now closed through July 15, 2014 in order to undergo repairs. That could potentially be significantly inconvenient — but we would rather not think about alternative scenarios if the repairs were not performed. With the closure of runway 4L-22R for 50 days and the closure of the northbound lanes of the Pulaski Skyway for two years, you might just want to avoid using Newark International Airport altogether — or at least find out how Milepoint members who have already experienced the Airtrain shutdown are dealing with this situation if you must use Newark International Airport. Why don’t they also shut down the New Jersey Turnpike while they are at it?!?

    Crowdsourcing to Review New Three-Room Product of Airline:
    A Suite Deal?

    Would you consider funding someone through a campaign to write a review on a premium class product comprising of a suite of three rooms aboard a commercial airplane which includes luxury amenities — such as a butler on demand and a chef as only two examples?

    Whatever may be your answer — and as members of Milepoint debate this issue — know that at least one result of the campaign is that Milepoint, BoardingArea and the Freddie Awards have all donated to charities.

    Sometimes it takes a crazy idea from which good things can emanate.

    iPad Mini: Did You Win?

    Wait a minute — is this déjà vu all over again? Nope. We lied earlier when we said that one iPad Mini has been given away. The truth is: a second iPad Mini has also been given away to a lucky member of Milepoint.

    Let us explain it this way: have you ever been on the upgrade list at the gate — only to have the passenger ahead of you become the last person to be upgraded, leaving you next on the list with a bad taste in your mouth when the gate agent announces that the premium class cabin is full and you should take your assigned seat in the economy class cabin? Yeah, we don’t like it either — so it was decided that the next person on the list to win an iPad Mini should actually also win it.

    “Milepoint has been great for me as someone relatively new to the points game”, said @spuinlavin squinlavin, who is another lucky member of Milepoint to win an iPad Mini. “I just booked a dream honeymoon to Hawaii with the help of the forums and other resources saving about $12,000 in the process. The community is very friendly and much more welcoming than some of the other sites which I believe is the main reason visitors become members.”

    This proves yet again that there are many reasons in which participating on Milepoint can be rewarding, as you never know what could happen next!

    Milepoint Continues to Support Room to Read

    Although Milepoint supports the frequent flier — that would be you — first and foremost, helping others who are less fortunate is also a cornerstone to this community. That is why a donation of $500.00 was sent recently to Room to Read, which is an organization committed to investing in the quality education of children around the world — and when the children reach their full potential, they can contribute back to the community. Sound familiar? That is similar to the way the community of educated frequent fliers on Milepoint works; and Milepoint is proud to be a repeat donor to Room to Read.
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