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    Come On — Get “’App-y” With Milepoint: Android and iOS Versions Now Available
    Great news if you want to use a portable electronic device to access Milepoint: both versions of the software application programs — or “apps” — are now available at their respective virtual stores! While the Android version is brand new and you will need to download the entire file to use it, the Apple iOS version is the latest upgrade if you already do use it. There is also a banner on the mobile browser versions which will direct you with links to what you need to download. Now you can enjoy your Milepoint “fix” wherever you are located, anytime you want.

    Where You Book Your Flights Could Save You a Significant Amount of Money
    Using a flight between Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur as an example, estnet illustrates how the same exact flight can cost almost ten times as much at one Internet web site as compared to another — and if you have a voucher to use, you might or might not be able to use it, which could further exacerbate the price difference. Find out what you can do to potentially save a significant amount of money on flights in your travel future.

    Should Legacy Airlines in the United States Be Concerned About the Big Three Airlines of the Persian Gulf?
    Last year, the rise of three airlines based in the Persian Gulf was starting to represent stiff competition for legacy airlines based in the United States; and the chief executive officers of the American airlines filed a complaint citing unfair and illegal subsidies from the governments of where the Gulf airlines are based. The chief executive officer of one of the Gulf airlines advised that airlines in the United States should improve in order for customers to choose them; and a war of words between Qatar Airways and Delta Air Lines has been in the news. However, trobb49 presents first-hand evidence that an aircraft of at least one of the three Gulf airlines is starting to show signs of age as well as wear and tear.

    Who Needs In-Flight Entertainment When You Have Passenger Meltdowns?
    Apparently Photonerd71 is not the only member of Milepoint who is easily entertained by a fellow passenger experiencing a public “meltdown” as stories are shared in this discussion ranging from a person who was adamant about paying for a specific seat when the person sitting in that seat was upgraded to the premium class cabin; to a passenger who purportedly spent greater than $10,000.00 per year on a particular airline and outright blamed a gate agent for not being able to get home. Wait until you read the tale pertaining to one “Mr. Lozenger”...

    Photographic Evidence of the Ugliest New Buildings in the World
    Where can you find the ugliest new buildings in the world? Why, at Milepoint, of course, as jonspencer launched a discussion starting off with what he believes is one of the ugliest new buildings in the world — and fellow members of Milepoint subsequently posted their votes. Photographs are included — but they are indeed ugly. You have been forewarned...

    Three Students Funded in Scholarship Program — Thanks to Milepoint Cares
    Thanks to the support of Milepoint Cares, the Elisabeth Lenes Stipend / Scholarship program would not have been able to fund three students from Plains High School to live with a Norwegian family for one year — and morten69 is very grateful: “We are truly making a dramatic difference in students' lives and giving them the chance to experience new and exiting things! The first student to come from Plains to Norway through our scholarship program was actually the first student in 18 years leaving Plains High School as an exchange student. Thank you for helping us make this possible.”

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