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    Bed Bugs: Are You On the Menu?
    Dining at a four-star hotel in Paris can be a gastronomic experience — but not if you are the main course. FetePerfection woke up to find marks on her back — presumably from bed bugs. She complained in a civil manner to the personnel at the front desk, who were mortified; and she was moved to a different room at her request. Did FetePerfection overreact? What would you have done?

    Almost Fourteen Years Later,
    His Spouse Finally “Gets It”

    If you gave up on your significant other understanding your obsession with miles and points, there is hope: after almost 14 years, the wife of dhammer53 is worried that they will not have the miles and points in order to travel in the style to which she has become accustomed; and recent devaluations are the reason. It turns out that she has been listening to dhammer53 all of these years. Well — someone has to...

    Did the Bank Steal the Money?
    After purchasing a gift card on Mother’s Day in the amount of $500.00, the activation of the gift card failed. Weeks later — despite the efforts of DMT — the gift card is still not activated. Did the bank actually “steal” money from DMT? Perhaps DMT should consider using this card for Father’s Day if it is activated in time.

    An Airline With No Reclining Seats
    “I’ve been on an airline with no reclining seats.” That may not be the line of a new hit song for the musical group America; but probably more divisive than whether or not a seat aboard an airplane should recline is the argument as to whether or not airlines should offer reclining seats at all. One airline decided to eliminate the function of seat recline and instead equip the back of each seat with an area to place your personal electronic device — such as a tablet, for example. Grab your snack, lean back — if you can — and view the debate, which seems to have more questions than answers.

    Are Irregular Operations Handled
    Better on Buses Than Airplanes?

    On a recent yet admittedly convoluted — and ultra-cheap — trip, redtailshark experienced irregular operations on Megabus. After a replacement bus and a 90-minute delay, redtailshark was on his way. “Overall I’d say Megabus irop handling was better than some of the airlines.” Bonus: he received a full, immediate refund of his ticket with no questions asked. Some questions are still left unanswered: Did he ever get upgraded? Was there caviar? Were any free miles thrown at him?!?

    Live Strong With LIVESTRONG and
    Fly For Yellow Today

    Whenever you see him in person, you might notice one certain Milepoint member who regularly wears a yellow wristband in support of the LIVESTRONG Foundation, an official featured cause of Milepoint which provides free cancer support services to help people cope with the financial, emotional and practical challenges that accompany the disease. Find out how you can support LIVESTRONG today by either registering to donate; or reviewing one of the threads in the LIVESTRONG | Fly For Yellow forum.
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