OnPoint Newsletter: June 30 2015

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    Will You Win Free Admission to This Event with Boeing and United Airlines?
    Imagine spending the day as a VIP visiting both Boeing airplane factories in Everett and Renton; and then enjoying the exhibits at the Seattle Flight Museum — lunch, dinner, and non-alcoholic beverages included. Now imagine participating in this day free of charge. Yes, you could be one of two winners who will enjoy a fabulous event on Saturday, July 25, 2015 planned by Boeing and United Airlines, courtesy of Milepoint. Click here to find out from Randy Petersen on how to enter to win. Hurry, though — the two winners will be chosen by Monday, July 6, 2015.

    He Did Not Earn What He Needed to Qualify for Elite Status After All...
    Instead of the 56,000 Premier Qualification Miles which he planned on earning, CescoAiel will only earn 41,000, which will cause him to be 9,000 short of Gold elite level status which he had hoped to have earned before a family vacation in the middle of July — and this is all due to complicated nuances in earnings on flights operated by airline partners. What can CescoAiel do to ensure enjoying benefits such as Economy Plus seat assignments, priority boarding and increased luggage allowance in time for his family vacation?

    A Credit Card Which Offers Two Tiers of Foreign Transaction Fees?
    Speaking of complicated, othermike27 found a credit card which offers two tiers of foreign transaction fees where they are reduced by one percent if you use United States dollars instead of the local currency for a transaction — but does that then expose you to the potentially greater expense of dynamic currency conversion fees?

    Luggage Which Was Lost AND Damaged: What to Do?
    After having returned from a trip to the United States, one bag of a brand-new set of luggage belonging to IberianNomad experienced damage — a photograph of the damage is included — while another bag was lost altogether. Three airlines operated the flights on the entire itinerary. Which of the airlines is ultimately responsible for what happened to the luggage; and is there anything which IberianNomad can claim?

    Switching Seats with Father Between Classes of Service Aboard an Airplane?
    The father of Bhsu21 has never experienced being seated in the business class cabin during a flight; and both father and son will be traveling together on an upcoming trip. Wanting to be a good son, can Bhsu21 switch seats with his father — and if so, how?

    Fundraising Event to Benefit United We Care Employee Relief Fund
    The United We Care Employee Relief Fund provides confidential and timely short-term crisis relief to employees of United Airlines who need basic assistance unavailable through other resources — such as those employees in Cabo San Lucas who were adversely affected by Hurricane Odile. Milepoint has already donated in excess of $15,000.00 to this worthy cause. One way you can help is to attend this event on Saturday, July 25, 2015 co-hosted by Milepoint members JC1120, Xyzzy and J.Edward where the cost is $180.00 per person or $330.00 per couple — part of which includes a donation to the fund, which should be tax-deductible — and there will be a charity auction and raffle to benefit the United We Care Employee Relief Fund. Space is limited.

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