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    Is $70.00 Enough Compensation for Lost Baggage and Missed Meetings?
    Baggage belonging to justing was lost by the airline, which led to 48 hours without clothes and two missed business meetings. A few hundred dollars had to be paid out to purchase new clothes, which meant valuable time spent for a shopping trip; and an average of two days elapsed before responses from the airline in question returned after justing — who received only $70.00 from the airline for all of the inconvenience and expense — sent messages. Does justing have any recourse at this point?

    Will Earning Miles and Points From Credit Cards Be Based More on Revenue?
    More frequent travel loyalty programs of airlines and hotels are hopping on the revenue-based bandwagon; so is it reasonable to believe that earning miles and points with credit cards will follow? Participate in this poll and see what other members of Milepoint think.

    Holding an Airline to a Higher Standard
    After having tolerated poor on-board service, a painful merger, canceled flights, long delays, “crappy” seats, terrible food, substandard audio and visual for in-flight entertainment, problems with lights, seats with broken or no recline, canceled tickets in mid-flight, long upgrade lists, missed flight connections, a mediocre Club experience, baggage problems, and surly gate agents, why on earth does SnowDogDad still remain a loyal customer of the airline in question?

    Warning About Earning Frequent Flier Miles From Shopping Portals
    After having spent almost $2,000.00 on a mattress through the shopping portal of an airline, na123 was informed that the approximately 6,000 miles thought to have been earned as a result of the purchase are considered ineligible — and none of the companies involved in the transaction are willing to assist. To some members of Milepoint, this scenario is nothing new — including to na123, who dealt with a similar issue several years ago. What should na123 do now to get the deserved miles?

    How to Voluntarily Downgrade...?
    Having secured a premium rental car for a great rate, Mapsmith is seeking to purposely voluntarily downgrade the vehicle which he will be driving. How can Mapsmith accomplish this; and why would he want to downgrade in the first place?

    Have Your Kiva Dollars Go Farther with a Match from Poverty 2 Prosperity
    Poverty 2 Prosperity is a nonprofit organization which loans funds on Kiva and has a fundraiser for the Youth Fund — for education and businesses for people 24 years of age and under — on GlobalGiving which Microsoft is matching. Repayments will be available to reinvest on Kiva. Moreover, Poverty 2 Prosperity and GlobalGiving are 501c3 entities, so you can possibly qualify for any tax consideration. Find out more information here on what you can do.
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