OnPoint Newsletter: June 19 2014

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    He Needs a Vacation After His Vacation
    An agent of the Transportation Security Administration forgetting to return a passport to xhunter33x in Miami while on his way to Trinidad for three days led to a string of unfortunate events. When all was said and done, xhunter33x experienced significant delays with airport security personnel; was “down one mud mask and six lighters and was now the proud owner of a Bose headset that is broken in two”; and the bag which contained those items was missing in Los Angeles after the return flight. What a way to escape from an ongoing crisis at home...

    Turning Off Your Phones Can Be Such a Turn-off
    Who knew that there were so many reasons why your phone should be turned off during takeoff and landing? Members of Milepoint, of course! Perhaps turning on your phone is more of a turn-off than turning off your phone — but how many of those reasons are actually legitimate?

    A Pregnant Pause Over Raw Fish
    Congratulations to Sean Colahan and his wife, who are eagerly awaiting a precious new addition to their family. During their travels to Japan next month — and after having heard people rave over the fresh sushi — they plan to visit the Tsukiji Market before it is supposedly slated to close later this year and try to “get in the tuna auction in the early morning.” Are there any options which do not include raw fish over which the wife of Sean Colahan can enjoy with no worries or concerns about her pregnancy?

    Room For a “Triple Play” in Japan?
    Speaking of Japan, it is almost impossible for flynhwn to find a room which can accommodate three people at a reasonable cost — if you can get one at all. After three trips in the past year — with failed attempts each time to secure a room for triple occupancy, meaning without being cramped and having to pay a premium for the privilege, of course — flynhwn has just about given up hope. Have you experienced a similar situation in Japan? Do you have any helpful advice for flynhwn?

    Keeping Up With the World Cup — Milepoint Style
    Do you get your kicks out of keeping up with what is going on during the World Cup in Brazil? Yeah, you’re not alone. Milepoint members have a ball talking World Cup to anyone who will listen. The goal is for you to join in on this passionate conversation and score some knowledge as to who is winning — and who is out.

    Susan G. Komen Foundation Helps The World
    Keep Abreast of Breast Cancer

    The quest to fight and eliminate breast cancer is a passion for those who volunteer for and contribute to the Susan G. Komen Foundation — and Milepoint proudly supports this noble cause and mission. Find out how you can support the Susan G. Komen Foundation today by either registering to donate; or reviewing one of the threads in the Susan G. Komen Foundation | Fly For Pink forum.

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