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    Is a Special Passport Needed to Use an Automated Passport Scanner?
    Ah — automation and technology. Their implementations and improvements are supposed to make life easier for everyone. Try telling that to YULtide, who could not get an automated passport scanner to do what it is supposed to do: scan a passport. Matters are complicated further when all the humans — who could easily assist in the process — do instead is direct a frustrated YULtide back to what he calls “the infernal machines”.

    So Many Miles to Use; and So Few Redemption Opportunities to Use Them
    With miles — plenty of ’em — burnin’ a hole in his pocket, jhnnytn is aiming to use ’em; but he reached burnout by encountering blackout. LOTS of blackout. He can’t use his miles on anything. Worse is that one suggestion by a Milepoint member has launched a debate. Help prevent jhnnytn from the ultimate sacrilegious act of using his miles on Pottery Barn gift cards for his wife before it is too late.

    Preparing for Irregular Operations
    At one time or another, frequent fliers inevitably face irregular operations — also known as IRROPS — by airlines, which could include inclement weather, a delayed flight crew, or mechanical issues. What can be done to prepare for them and have frequent fliers become more resilient in the event of when they occur? mevlannen has thoughtfully launched a discussion with some ideas which could ease your experience through the next occurrence of irregular operations you encounter by an airline on a future trip.

    Avoiding Partner Airline Credit: Is This a Deliberate Policy by This Airline?
    Every time Gargoyle flies as a passenger on an airline partner of Delta Air Lines, he waits almost two weeks before having to contact the airline to receive the mileage credit he earned, which should have posted automatically. Is this a deliberate attempt by Delta Air Lines to “save millions of miles, at no expense other than violating customer trust and not keeping their word”, as Gargoyle allegedly infers?

    Philadelphia Freedom: There is a Lot at Steak When Eating Hoagies There
    Don’t listen to what some article in an airline magazine recommends. Ya wanna experience the best hoagies in Philadelphia? With their suggestions, members of Milepoint have got all of youse covered like the cheese on a cheesesteak sandwich. Hey — don’t forget to ask Joey to top your ice cream with jimmies...

    When Is a Kiva Loan Declared in Default?
    Members of Milepoint are incredibly generous when it comes to helping other people — and loaning money to those in need as part of the Milepoint | Kiva Lending Team is certainly no exception, as almost 3,000 members of Milepoint have already loaned greater than ten million dollars. Unfortunately, there are risks involved — one of which is a default of a loan — but when exactly is a loan declared in default?

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