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    Malaysia Airlines Airplane Shot Down by Missile
    and Crashed in Ukraine

    A Boeing 777-200ER airplane — which operated as Malaysia Airlines flight 17 and carried 280 passengers and 15 flight crew members from Amsterdam on its way to Kuala Lumpur — was reportedly shot down by a missile and crashed in Ukraine earlier today. There are no reports of any survivors at this time. What exactly happened — and why? Milepoint members are discussing this tragic incident as the news unfolds — as well as speculate what could the ramifications as a result.

    Write Your Own Loyalty Program...
    What do you do when you own a business and decide for it to be the only company in its industry to offer a loyalty program — only to be unexpectedly dropped by your supplier of miles and points? Well, if you are KenInEscazu, you design and launch your own loyalty program — but he is asking for your assistance. See what advice and concerns fellow Milepoint members have offered to KenInEscazu, who is hoping that his loyalty program makes a point by being miles beyond his competitors.

    ...or Get Paid to Work for American AAdvantage
    Are you obsessed with earning and redeeming American AAdvantage miles? Have you thought of ways that the program could be improved and yet be more profitable for American Airlines? Could you just spend all day eating, sleeping and dreaming AAdvantage miles? Well, if you like innovation with lots of data and your analytical skills are as sharp as a razor, your dream job may have just sailed in...or — perhaps more appropriately — flown in. Apply within. Oh — and if you do get the job, could you please remember us little folk and throw a few of those miles our way?!?

    The Cases of the Points NOT Missing
    Stumped by the assertion by a customer service agent of a lodging company that no points were debited from an account for an award stay booked earlier this year — the Internet web site supposedly does not clearly indicate when points are withdrawn — Explore asked for your help to solve this somewhat puzzling mystery. Although it appears that he solved it himself, Over the Atlantic has become weary with the “flakiness” of the same program and is asking for your opinion; while Sfmom seems to be experiencing a similar mystery in a completely different program as Explore. Can you solve any of these mysteries — or at least guess what are their causes?

    Do You Remember Your First Time?
    No, not that. We are talking about the first time traveling in the premium class cabin on an international flight — and aboard a Boeing 747 airplane, no less. OceanTrotter3 is “giddy with excitement” and wants to know if there is anything of which he should take note for the flight. In typical Milepoint style, fellow members offer helpful advice and suggestions. You do realize that we will be expecting a trip report from you, OceanTrotter3. Enjoy your trip!

    Milepoint Members Contribute 272 Loans
    Towards Record Lending Day for Kiva

    Technical problems did not stop Milepoint members via the Milepoint Kiva Mutual Fund from making 272 loans totaling approximately $28,000.00 on One Million Match day, which was Thursday, July 10 — and Google matched those loans. This was part of an overall effort in which approximately $2.9 million was sent by greater than 25,000 Kiva lenders in 56 countries. Just because that day is over does not mean that additional loans are not needed to helping make a difference. Find out how you can support Kiva today by either registering to donate; or reviewing one of the threads in the Kiva | Loans That Change Lives forum.

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