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    “Do You Know What Disease I Have?” Well, We Know You Have Some Nerve...
    The sister-in-law of Singapore Flyer apparently experienced a new twist of DYKWIA, which stands for Do You Know Who I Am?: a big, loud and obnoxious man who claimed to have cancer reportedly threatened a gate agent into giving him an upgrade — or he would post on the Internet that the airline denied a dying man his upgrade. As a result, he successfully received the upgrade and bragged to his wife about it before sitting next to the sister-in-law for the duration of the flight. Pop that popcorn and prepare to read the comments of fellow Milepoint members — and post your thoughts as well.

    Carrying a CPAP Machine While Traveling is Nothing at Which to Snore
    Continuous positive airway pressure — or CPAP — is a type of breathing therapy for sleep apnea which usually requires a ventilator. The machine is stored in a third bag of which KenInEscazu always gets questioned by employees of an airline — which is already inconvenient — but the latest experience was enough to drive him out of his seat in the first class cabin for which he paid. What recourse does he have?

    Should Lawmakers of the United States “Tear Down This Air Cartel”?
    The United States Department of Justice approves the mergers of several airlines in recent years; and now those same airlines are being accused of collusion and oligopolistic business practices — resulting in increased fees, airplanes packed with passengers, and a host of other issues which are unfriendly to the customer, according to this rant posted by ahappyelite, who actually sounds quite unhappy. Should lawmakers — including the president of the United States — get involved in order to “tear down this air cartel”?

    Attaining Lifetime Million Miler Elite Level Status: So Close — and Yet So Far
    Although it may not seem like a lot, earning 85,000 Elite Qualification Miles can seem like a daunting task when you are not flying much anymore — yet that is all ckmendels needs to earn lifetime Million Miler elite level status. What is the most effective way for him to reach that goal so that he may enjoy the benefits of being a Million Miler?

    Advice Requested: How to Become an Oral Surgeon — and Other Questions
    If you want to train to become a oral surgeon, you can either go to dental school — or you can request a refund from Flying Blue, as the process “is like pulling teeth”, according to gmarchetti, who is asking for your assistance. Meanwhile, Pizzaman wants to know specific information pertaining to the baggage polices of Aegean Airlines for an upcoming trip; downhillcrasher is trying to use a credit from a canceled reservation from one airline to book a ticket on another airline; and gmoney5827 is quite overwhelmed by frequent flier programs in his search for the best way to get to Asia. Can you help?

    Ben Flyin: The United Adventure Bear Benefits March of Dimes Foundation — and How You Can Help
    The mission of the United Adventure Bear program is to bring smiles to children in need across the globe. Proceeds from the program benefit organizations that help children through health struggles and economic hardship. This year, the program benefits the March of Dimes Foundation, which funds research and programs that help babies begin healthy lives. With your donation, you can either choose to give a bear; or you can both give a bear and get a bear for yourself — but you must participate in this program by Friday, July 31, 2015.

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