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    How Does a Recession Impact Miles and Points Earnings and Redemption?
    Not an optimist when it comes to the economy as he believes it is on the verge of collapse, vickers — a relative newcomer to the miles and points community — wants to know how airlines and lodging companies have directly responded to adverse changes in the economy in the past. Apparently he is not the only member of Milepoint who feels that way: blackjack-2 advises to just be prepared for when the bubble bursts. How should you prepare?

    Psst...Want Elite Status for $30?
    I Got it Right Here. Check It Out.

    Members of Milepoint know better than to purchase elite status for a price which seems to be too good to be true. First, it is usually against the rules of the frequent travel program. Second, the seller of this amazing deal could require that you provide sensitive information about your account. Third, see one and two. In this case, this may be a sale by a business student who apparently still has a lot to learn about business...

    Add a Segment and the Award Ticket Cost is Reduced?
    How Can That Be?!?

    The taxes and fees on the award ticket actually dropped greater than ten dollars when a segment was added; and when traveling with others on the same trip, that adds up to some sweet savings — but Pizzaman does not know how or why that happened. Can you help solve this welcome but somewhat puzzling mystery?

    Do Bangkok or Hong Kong Suit You?...
    Can you fashion a suit and Thai vacation? For some men, there is nothing like having a suit custom-tailored to your specifications to the point where observers pant when you wear it. Help sembrown find the best place in Bangkok with tailors who will suit his fancy; and find out if mo26 will be able to get a custom tailor-made suit within 18 hours during a layover in Hong Kong.

    ...or Would You Rather Swim with the Sharks?
    Some people might feel a little cagey about swimming with great white sharks; but not TravelKane, who wants to sink his teeth into this experience in South Africa and is willing to go great depths to ensure it happens. If you can fathom doing such an activity, consider swimming on over and joining in on the conversation.

    Lend More Than a Hand to Owners of Businesses with Zidisha
    Zidisha is a direct peer-to-peer microlending service which allows individuals all over the world to lend to and communicate with economically marginalized small business owners in developing countries without local intermediaries — and Milepoint proudly supports this noble cause and mission. Find out how you can support Zidisha today by either registering to donate; or reviewing one of the threads in the Zidisha | Fostering Peer2Peer Entrepreneurship forum.

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