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    The Freddie Awards are Coming — and You Can Help in Its Success
    If you have social media accounts, here is your chance to test some enhancements to the voting process for the 27th annual Freddie Awards in Atlanta on April 30, 2015. As a token of appreciation, you could earn something in return. Volunteers in the past have been rewarded with a free seat at past Freddie Awards events — and other “goodies” could be offered this year as well. This is your opportunity to be a part of what has become a frequent flier tradition.

    Intentional False Advertising of Award Pricing: to Whom Should it Be Reported?
    What if you are charged the incorrect amount of miles for award travel when maximum prices are clearly stated in advertising? How are you supposed to differentiate between a legitimate sale and a programming error? To whom should frequent fliers complain about intentionally deceptive airfare pricing? Included in this discussion is a poll — from which you can select a maximum of two of six choices — which will close on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 10:00 in the morning.

    Your Award Flight Was Canceled by the Airline. Now What?
    Speaking of award travel, profpeabody found out while checking for seats that the flight was canceled by the airline. Although an agent for the airline offered to find two seats in the business class cabin on a different flight to replace the canceled flight, none were available for the planned date of travel. What is the obligation of the airline to profpeabody at this point; and what would be an appropriate solution?

    Fellow Milepoint Members Request Your Advice on Upcoming Trips
    It is now 2015; and if one of your resolutions for the new year is to be more helpful to fellow frequent fliers, here is your opportunity to offer advice on what to do in Italy during Easter as asked by dhammer53; seeing sights in Luxor in Egypt which are “off the beaten track” for jonspencer; and where to go to or from Paris this summer with a wife and two children for Pizzaman.

    A Glimpse Into What Goes On in the Mind of Milepoint Founder Randy Petersen
    Yes, folks: even Randy Petersen — the founder of Milepoint — gets “lost in the stream of consciousness” which this community lounge discussion provides where even he admits that he was not sure of what he was thinking “but got ... caught up in the moment.” We have one question: would he be lyin’ about tryin’ not to confuse Brian with Ryan when he would rather be flyin’? You’ll either be dryin’ your face from cryin’ while dyin’ from laughter; or simply sighin’ while shaking your head in disbelief after reading this...

    Milepoint Cares
    Did you know that one dollar is donated into the general fund of the Milepoint Cares program for each member who reaches Silver status on Milepoint? Here is a list of five of the causes supported by Milepoint Cares — complete with links if you want to find out more information about the organizations behind those causes; and perhaps support those causes yourself. If you are a member of Milepoint who has not yet achieved Silver status, this is yet another reason to post more often and be more involved with the Milepoint community; and if you are not yet currently a member, join Milepoint today.
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