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    American Airlines unveils customer-focused changes
    The new AA is changing as the merger with US Airways marches on. Starting earlier this week, travelers may have noticed some small changes in operations and procedures. Are you excited for the new American Airlines and further changes to come?

    Polar vortex attacks the United States!
    While every US airline has taken a hit over the past week due to the extreme cold, Jetblue seems to be the worst off. While they will have trouble ahead as they try to compensate passengers for delayed and cancelled flights, their source is soon to vacate with a much needed warm-up not far behind.

    Free hot springs around the world
    Need to thaw out after the deep freeze over the past week? Take a trip to these free hot springs around the world! From the size of a puddle to huge crystal pools, you’re bound to find a place close by to take the chill out of your bones this winter. If you’re going, make sure to send an invite to the Milepoint staff!

    Emirates circles the globe over 18,000 times in 2013
    18,753 to be exact! Emirates seems to have a stat for everything they accomplished in 2013 and we find it pretty interesting. From the number of passengers to their new planes and lounges, take a look and see if Emirates deserves it’s claim as the global connector of people and places.

    2014 Prediction: UA Will File for Bankruptcy
    This prediction, while bold and extremely unlikely, has been circulating for some time now. Is there any validity to it or is it all just talk? How will the merger of US and AA effect UA in the upcoming year? Weigh in on Milepoint with what you think will happen with United over the next 12 months.

    Milepoint Premium P2
    We at Milepoint would like to thank all of you who purchased P2 over the past few months and remind you to claim your benefits if you haven't yet. Our arrangements this year make it so there isn't much to benefit from waiting to claim and we don't want you to forget! If you have any questions regarding your upgrades or codes, please email us at support@milepoint.com. Thanks again and have a wonderful new year!

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