OnPoint Newsletter: February 24 2015

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    How Does Discontinued Service to an Airport Affect an Award Ticket?
    After having booked award tickets for a trip from the United States to Europe, OilGuyFlyer received a notice from the airline operating the flights stating that service to the origination airport has been discontinued and that the tickets are no longer valid; and a search for seats at a similar cost of miles from a different airport is rendered fruitless. OilGuyFlyer seeks your advice on what to do next about his cancelled award itinerary.

    Airport Shuttle Versus Car Rental
    Offering what he calls “a fun game of math and frugality”, nonstopski is attempting to decide which is a better option: renting a car or taking an airport shuttle. After factoring in all of the expenses of each option, he concludes that the cost will be approximately the same; but with the rental car having more flexibility. Which would you choose as your option?

    Size Does Not Matter. Sighs Do.
    Although some Milepoint members lament the downsizing of their MP luggage tags — MileagePlus, not Milepoint — NYCUA1K was clearly troubled by the reminder of another sort of downsizing: being told that he will earn more than twice the MileagePlus miles when he will actually be earning fewer than half of them due to the new policies of earning miles based on revenue...

    Before the Annual Fee is Due...
    ...and because sighs matter, Bay Pisco Shark cut up his MileagePlus credit card as a symbolic gesture on ending almost nearly 30 years as a Mileage Plus member in protest of those aforementioned changes — and saving money on an annual fee to boot. Nope — not even the offer of two free lounge passes could save this account and keep it open.

    Which Countries Have the Most Diverse Sights, Food and People?
    At press time of this newsletter, China, Russia, Nigeria, the United States, Indonesia, India and South Africa are considered some of the most diverse countries in the world as voted on by members of Milepoint. Do you agree with this list? Are there any countries which you would nominate; and for what reasons?

    Milepoint Cares | community giving Forum: Have You Visited Lately?
    Great causes are usually highlighted here in theOnPointnewsletter; but did you know that there is a forum where you can post a cause about which you are passionate and would like fellow members of Milepoint to be aware? That forum is known as the Milepoint Cares | community giving forum; and its specific purpose is to highlight the charity efforts of Milepoint and its members. Stop by today and help to make a positive difference in the world.
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