OnPoint Newsletter: February 10 2015

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    Happy Fourth Birthday, Milepoint!
    Originally launched on February 4, 2011, Milepoint is now four years old — and no longer a toddler, according to Gargoyle. Congratulations to Milepoint; and may it celebrate many more years as the place where frequent fliers meet.

    Randy Petersen Retired? Say It Ain’t So
    It ain’t so — unless you are referring to his role as editor and publisher of InsideFlyer magazine, which Randy Petersen founded 29 years ago and spawned the launching of such entities as the Freddie Awards, FlyerTalk, BoardingArea — and, of course, Milepoint. Congratulations, Randy — who is most likely already back to work at what he calls “the greatest job in the world.”

    Flying Will Only Be For Wealthy People?
    It is becoming clearer that flying will only be for the rich, according to ahappyelite, who believes that if there was ever a case for intervention by the United States Congress where “the greedsters at Delta pioneered this unnecessary greedfest which is purely about enriching investors, the time is now.” Do you agree?

    “Sorry, That’s Not My Job”
    As the lines to board an airplane were becoming long, unwieldy and out of control at the gate in Houston, trobb49 mentioned the problem to the person in charge of Global Services passengers. The response was “Sorry, that’s not my job.” We would voice our opinion about this; but sorry — that’s not our job.

    Share Your Experience as an “Ultra-Elite” Member of a Frequent Travel Program
    Speaking of Global Services, forget silver, gold, platinum, diamond and even Premier: there are levels of elite status which are way beyond what typical frequent fliers usually earn — many of which are attainable via invitation only — but select details of those elite status levels are not publicly disclosed. Now that members of Milepoint are sharing their experiences with these elite status levels, it appears that some of them are not nearly as vaunted as one would believe...

    Milepoint Cares. Do You?
    Milepoint members have proven over and over again to be not only extremely knowledgeable about travel and eager to share that knowledge; but also exceptionally generous to those who are in need. Milepoint Cares — in partnership with Kula Causes — makes it easier than ever for you to give locally or globally to the causes in which you truly believe in three simple steps. That is all it takes for you to contribute towards helping the world become a better place.
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