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    Happy Holidays From Milepoint!
    We at Milepoint wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Chanukah; and may you have a very happy and healthy holiday season and a joyous new year. See you in 2015!

    There is Still Time for a Chance to Win:
    12 Days of Christmas with Milepoint

    Milepoint has already counted down six of the 12 Days of Christmas with daily prizes and many happy winners from different countries around the world — such as Belgium, Norway, India, Bulgaria, Austria, Canada, Australia and South Korea — and you still have a chance to be one of the lucky Milepoint members to win. The winners reportedly “enjoy the fact that Milepoint is the only one of their travel information visits that took the time out to do some fun things for their members this holiday season.” We are more than happy to oblige! Sign up here to receive daily reminders of the prizes — as well as where and how you can win — to be sent to your e-mail address. Good luck to you!

    Inconsistent Messages is Just Not His Bag
    It was snow use for SnowDogDad, who wanted to know the whereabouts of his luggage when he experienced irregular operations on his way to Honolulu but was told inconsistently different information by employees of the airline, resulting in the waste of approximately three hours of his time. Although he posted primarily to vent, should he inform the airline about his frustrating experience — or should he just move on and forget about it? SnowDogDad wants to know what you think of his experience.

    Losing Sleep Over Disabled HDMI Ports and a Remote Control Function?
    Is slalom losing sleep over not being able to use the Sleep function on the remote controls in rooms at three different hotel properties of the same lodging chain? Does foxberg feel somewhat disconnected about not being able to use the HDMI ports on the televisions at hotel properties of the same lodging chain? Are these reports merely anomalies — or were they implemented purposely?

    Since When Does a Toy Poodle Qualify as a Service Dog?
    Speaking of losing sleep, that is exactly what happened when a yapping toy poodle from an adjacent room awoke jonspencer during a recent stay at a hotel property. After contacting guest relations of the lodging company, the response amazed him — which then started a debate amongst members of Milepoint about the “emotional support elephant in the room” pertaining to the difference between service dogs versus emotional support animals; as well as the question of their validity.

    Award Booking Missing After Checking In For a Return Flight?
    How can an award reservation — on which the outbound flights were flown with no issues — simply disappear after checking in for the return flights? That is what zpaul wants to know. Can you help solve this mystery?

    Kiva Update: Team Milepoint Surpasses the $9 Million Mark
    Members of Milepoint have supported Kiva since its team was launched in February of 2011 — generously enough that Team Milepoint has surpassed $9 million in loans in fewer than four years; and it was fewer than six months ago when the $8 million mark was surpassed. Randy Petersen offers an explanation of how the Milepoint | Kiva Lending Team Mutual Fund works. Please help Team Milepoint reach the next significant milestone — $10 million — by pledging a loan and changing the life of someone for the better.

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