OnPoint Newsletter: December 05 2014

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    Count Down the 12 Days of Christmas with Milepoint for a Chance to Win
    Starting December 13, 2014, Milepoint counts down the 12 Days of Christmas with daily prizes — including a sterling silver Starbucks card; 100,000 hotel points; airport lounge passes; bonus miles; elite level status; and 10-pass Gogo Wi-Fi cards. There are 100 prizes in all to be awarded — and you could be one of the lucky Milepoint members to win. Sign up here to receive daily reminders of the prizes — as well as where and how you can win — to be sent to your e-mail address.

    Crowded Flights? Not Here
    Adding insult to injury with increased airfares combined with cuts in benefits for frequent fliers and hassles through security are crowded airplanes where there are often no empty seats — but some members of Milepoint have been fortunate enough to fly as passengers on the rare flights which barely have anyone on board. In fact, jakem4800 wonders about those flights: “how can you operate a business like this?”

    Notice the Advance Notice of the Flight Delay Notice?
    “Wow...now that’s an airline on top of their schedule!!!” exclaimed flynhwn when he found out that his flight will be ‘delayed’ for two hours. The flight is scheduled for December 26. The notice was received on November 19. Which airline sent that notice; and is your preferred airline that proactive?

    You Make a Difference on Milepoint — and a Fellow Member Thanks You
    The American holiday of Thanksgiving has recently concluded; and Steven Schwartz is thankful for...you. Why? Because without your assistance over the years, he and his wife would not have been able to travel like they do and enjoy it — including an upcoming trip that will be the longest trip ever for them. Find out where they are headed and for how long a period of time they will be away.

    Do Airline Classes Truly Reflect Income Inequality?
    Members of Milepoint are quite skeptical regarding an article which claims that aboard airplanes, “cabin configurations match up with income inequality in society at large” — when in reality, there are a number of factors which would seem to refute that claim. Hopefully, you are reading this newsletter from the comfort of your premium class seat while sipping on some fine wine — you “one-percenter”, you...

    Louisville Becomes the Ninth City in the Kiva Zip Program
    Join KyRoamer in making a loan to entrepreneurs and small business owners in Louisville — the largest city in Kentucky — through the Kiva Zip program. Available loans can be found here — and for a limited time, loans to select borrowers will be matched. Simply choose a borrower, make a loan, get repaid and repeat. Members of Milepoint have supported Kiva by loaning greater than $8 million since it was launched in February of 2011. Find out how you can support Kiva Microfunds today by either registering to donate; or reviewing one of the threads in the Kiva | Loans That Change Lives forum.
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