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    What’s New on Milepoint?
    We have a couple exciting things rolling out that members have requested in our Feedback/Suggestions forum!

    SSL-Capability: Using Milepoint from an airport, coffee shop or other public place? Now you can secure your Milepoint experience by using https://milepoint.com/. That extra “s” after “http” makes all the difference! You can bookmark both sites and use either depending on your location.

    #GivingTuesday: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are good for deals, Small Business Saturday is great for supporting your community, but Giving Tuesday is by far our favorite day! Supporting charities is one of our founding goals with Milepoint and for this Giving Tuesday we gave hundreds of active members selected at random $15 to spend at Milepoint Cares. From small, local charities to large, global efforts, we have it all at Milepoint Cares!

    Travelers Leave $500G in Change at Security Checkpoints
    You’re leaving your spare change behind at airport security checkpoints and the TSA is keeping every penny. The TSA is allowed to do this, so there isn’t much motivation for them to alert those who leave money behind. Do you agree with this? If not, what should change?

    2014 Travel: AA or UA?
    The miles game is constantly changing, but is your loyalty? This thread was started by a member wondering what is best for them and has spawned into a battle of the airlines. Does the recent devaluation affect your decision? Does the merger? Weigh in on Milepoint!

    Rate Public Toilets with New Toilet Finder site
    There is officially a website to review everything you can think of. People can now weigh in on their public bathroom experiences on a dedicated website. We personally think it’s a little strange, but you can never have too much information and this site seems to be gaining traction. Would you find value in a public toilet rating site?
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