OnPoint Newsletter: August 25 2015

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    Will the Destruction of Trust Be the Ultimate Downfall of the Airlines?
    Citing a plethora of factors which have led to the current environment in the commercial aviation industry — including the cramming of more seats onto airplanes, the destruction of loyalty programs and the perceived overall degradation of the customer experience in general — ahappyelite wonders in this manifesto of sorts as to whether or not the destruction of trust will be the ultimate downfall of the airlines. What are your thoughts?

    Accusation of Causing Carpet Burn Leaves Guest Doing a Slow Burn
    Management of a hotel property wants to charge more than $1,000.00 to corz123 for leaving a small burn caused by a cigarette on the carpet in the room. Not having yet been drunk during the stay, corz123 disputes the claim but is unsure as to what to do — including whether or not egress from the hotel property will be permitted — and wait until you read some of the creative advice offered by fellow Milepoint members on how to resolve this issue.

    “Just When I Thought I Had Seen It All...”
    You might want to stall for a moment and think about whether or not urine the mood to read about what caused HaveMilesWillTravel to say “just when I thought I had seen it all” — as well as the “gnarly” stuff which viguera and other members of Milepoint have seen. Let’s just say this ain’t streaming news from which you will be relieved; but they decide to let it all out anyway...

    Is It Finally Time to Dispose of That EmPower Adapter?
    Still hanging on to his EmPower adapter — which was originally designed to provide power to the portable electronic devices of passengers when power outlets were first installed on commercial airplanes — trobb49 wonders whether or not it is finally time to dispose of the technology. Depending on the airline, maybe — or maybe not...

    Is This “Modified Random Selection” at an Airport Security Checkpoint?
    How would you feel if the person ahead of you in line at the airport security checkpoint caused the machine to sound an alert but she passes through and is on her way without being pulled aside; while the machine emits no sound as you pass through but you are directed off to the side to be subject to a random hand swipe anyway? That is what flyforawg claimed happened to him — and he called this experience “modified random selection.”

    Read Across the Globe — and Attempt to Break a World Record, Too
    Join others across the United States and in 30 countries to Read Across the Globe for children in kindergarten through Grade 12 on Monday, October 19, 2015 in an attempt to break a world record; and a similar attempt to break a world record is scheduled to occur on Thursday, October 22, 2015 for pre-school children. Two of the partners of this initiative are Jumpstart for Young Children, Inc. and Points of Light — both of which are Kula Causes under the Milepoint Cares initiative. Please click here for more information pertaining to Milepoint Cares.
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