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    How to End Up as a Passenger on the Wrong Flight
    Due to a series of missteps and misunderstandings, lapointdm wound up on the wrong flight trying to get home and ultimately missed a commitment on the next day. It was not all bad, as the airline put her up in a hotel room for the night; booked her in a seat in the first class cabin; and gave her a voucher for $100.00 to be used on a future flight within the next year. lapointdm never thought “in a million years” that this experience would happen to her. With all of the technology and security employed these days, how could this have possibly happened?

    Do You Fear Enhancements?
    Do you get nervous when you receive an e-mail message lauding improvements to your preferred frequent flier loyalty program? Would loylatiphobia be a good word to describe a fear of so-called “enhancements?” If so, should you seek professional help? Nah — the therapy you need will be enhanced just by you reading this discussion. “Bonus points” for you if you participate. See? Yet another enhancement...

    Read the Terms and Conditions Before Renting a Car — and Your Agreement
    After the completion of a car rental in Ireland, traveltoomuch found two charges on the final bill totaling €35.00 that were supposedly not part of the original quote. Although the charges were purportedly not found on the printed agreement at the time of the rental, they were disclosed in fine print at the Internet web site of the rental car company. What are the results of the disputes between traveltoomuch and both the rental car company and the company which issued the credit card on which the rental was charged?

    Airline Delivers an Empty Apology
    Milepoint members are not surprised that (SPECIFIC AIRLINE) sent out an apology letter to (CUSTOMER NAME) for a (SPECIFIC EVENT) which occurred on (SPECIFIC DATE) — but even though (CUSTOMER NAME) received a (SPECIFIC ITEM) for (SPECIFIC GENDER) inconvenience, the letter was deemed as one of the least sincere apologies offered by (SPECIFIC AIRLINE). How does (ONPOINT NEWSLETTER READER) feel about that?

    Have You Ever Sold Any of Your Frequent Flier Miles? Take the Survey
    Here is a quick survey of four questions about whether or not you have sold any of your frequent flier miles — and you can participate even if you have never sold your miles. Have you ever sold any of your frequent flyer miles to an individual or mileage broker? Do you believe the miles in your account belong to you or the frequent flyer program? Did you know that frequent flyer miles cannot be sold (according to program rules)? Have you ever given your miles for an award flight to be used by a charity? In addition to taking the survey, please post your thoughts here.

    Donating Miles to Others Who Are in Need of Emergency Travel
    Although the request for miles for an emergency situation confronting Grandmax4 has apparently now been met, Milepoint members offer suggestions of Internet web sites and organizations which match those who are in need for frequent flier miles and those who have excess miles to spare and donate.
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