OnPoint Newsletter: August 07 2015

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    International Business Class for Only $40.00 More Than Economy Class?
    According to Steven Schwartz, the cost to purchase a ticket for business class on a particular international flight is only $40.00 more than for a ticket to sit in the economy class cabin — and both tickets cost hundreds of dollars each. What kind of a business plan would prompt an airline to publish such bizarre pricing; and what did Steven Schwartz wind up doing?

    Damaged Luggage, Missing Items, No Miles — and Basically No Response
    With damaged luggage and items missing from inside of it, airhead filed claims with both the airline from which he purchased his ticket as well as the airline which operated the international flight on which he was a passenger. Weeks later, he received no response other than a request for a significant amount of documentation and photographs — and if that is not bad enough, he never received the miles he earned from the flight. Now what?!?

    Lonely? Stressful? Suffer From Health Issues? You Must Be a Frequent Flier
    Forget the glamorous lifestyle of plush leather seats, aged champagne, gourmet food and doting service. There is a dark side to flying frequently which leads to loneliness, high levels of stress and health problems for the long term, according to a research paper recently released. Please pass that champagne and caviar, as this will be some goooood reading...

    Another Quest by a Milepoint Member for Missing Mileage Credit
    In the last episode — er...issue— of the OnPoint newsletter, Gargoyle had to seek missing mileage credit for flying as a passenger on airline partners. This time, YULtide is having — er...issues — with seeking to be credited with miles; and is wondering what to do next after four attempts. Not to worry, YULtide, as you are not alone: other Milepoint members have expressed experiencing similar issues with this particular airline.

    I Want My Hyatt House Lotion!
    So we’d like to know where
    You got the lotion
    Said we’d like to know where
    You got the lotion
    Not Hyatt House
    Not Hyatt House baby!
    With no apologies to The Hues Corporation in mangling their 1974 hit Rock the Boat, Milepoint members respectfully counter the assertion of HaveMilesWillTravel and attest that lotion can indeed be found at Hyatt House; but what exactly are the standard amenities at this lodging brand? Let’s end this item with an ode to the 1985 song Money for Nothing by Dire Straits featuring Sting — again, with no apologies:
    I want my
    I want my
    I want my Hyatt House lotion!

    $4,895.00 Raised for United Airlines We Care Employee Relief Fund
    Members of Milepoint have come through yet again — this time contributing towards the total of $4,895.00 raised as a result of this event which was co-hosted by Milepoint members JC1120, Xyzzy and J.Edward for the United We Care Employee Relief Fund. Milepoint has already donated in excess of $15,000.00 to this worthy cause, which provides confidential and timely short-term crisis relief to employees of United Airlines who need basic assistance unavailable through other resources — such as those employees in Cabo San Lucas who were adversely affected by Hurricane Odile. Also, congratulations to ParanoiaTX and marcocean, who won the chance to attend the event free of charge, courtesy of the legendary generosity of Randy Petersen and Milepoint!

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