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    Ten Destinations to Which You Should Not Travel — and Why
    Baghdad, Damascus, San Pedro Sula and Mogadishu are only four of the ten destinations to which anileze would not travel; and he explains why for each destination — but then again, that is from his own personal list. Milepoint members chime in with their thoughts — as well as why they would not travel to certain destinations themselves — while others dispute some of the destinations.

    What is the Point of the Best Rate Guarantee...
    ...if the policy of the lodging chain is that you must reserve your hotel room first — even if booked at a rate which is not refundable and cannot be cancelled — before you can take advantage of the Best Rate Guarantee policy? estnet seeks your help and advice.

    What is the Point of Mobile Check-In?
    “I can’t quite figure it out”, posted TravelerRob. “The only benefit I can think of is a dedicated check in line at the hotel which you still need to stand in anyway. And every hotel I’ve been to that has mobile check in has no one working the line and/or is helping ‘normal’ customers in that line as well. So it saves no time and offers no benefits. Anyone see this differently?” So what is the point of mobile check-in to your hotel room, anyway?!?

    Suggestions for the Best Pre-Paid SIM Card with a Data Plan
    Options are available for the transmission of voice and data with your mobile telephone; but the problem is that many of those solutions require data, and ffitalia is seeking suggestions and advice on purchasing a subscriber identification module card which includes a data plan. Find out how fellow Milepoint members responded, as their recommendations just might help you in your future travels.

    Which Airlines Offer Tasty Snacks Free of Charge?
    Gone may be the days where airlines served meals to its passengers — at least, in the economy class cabin. After being treated to some free snacks on a domestic flight within the United States, Aditya Vyas wonders which airlines provide its passengers with tasty snacks free of charge. They do still exist...

    Auction for Time in a Boeing 747-400 Flight Simulator — But Hurry
    In a partnership with United Airlines, Frequent Flyer Giving is auctioning off four increments of one full hour each in a Boeing 747-400 flight simulator at the Denver Training Center — and up to four people may be in the flight simulator at one time. Best of all: not only will you have the time of your life if you are one of the winners; but a full 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit the United WeCare Employee Relief Fund. This auction ends at or around 4:00 in the afternoon Central Daylight Time on August 10, 2014 — so act quickly if you want what will most likely be your closest chance at “piloting” a Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

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