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    Paid for a Specific Room Type and Told They Were Upgraded — Only to be Downgraded With No Compensation?
    Having paid in advance for a penthouse suite, WilliamQ and his wife arrived at the hotel property and were told that they had been upgraded — only to find that they were actually downgraded two category levels from the room which they had originally reserved. Did management of the hotel property lie to them; and what compensation do WilliamQ and his wife deserve?

    Should Refunds and Customer Service Really Be That Difficult to Get From an Airline?
    After plans had changed, profpeabody attempted to get a refund — only to be told that the tickets were not refundable and instead opted for vouchers, which were eventually lost. Meanwhile, estnet has been trying in vain to contact a human being at the customer relations department of the same airline as the result of a problem with a flight — but with no luck. What is a customer to do?

    Getting Gas in Ireland
    At first glance, this may seem like a discussion which would pertain to the effects resulting from consuming too much corned beef and cabbage; but it is the estimated cost of $5.84 per gallon of fuel which is giving euromannn heartburn. Is relief on the way in the form of ways to save money on petrol on the Emerald Isle?

    Why Would Anyone Want to Go to Spain?
    Mum’s the word — literally — when it comes to where she and her son AdamEfimoff go on their holiday. She wants to go to Spain. Spain it is; and it will be a Three Dog Night before AdamEfimoff can understand why. It appears as though the rain in Spain will fall mainly on the plane on a trip in vain — and that could be a pain which might drive him insane...

    An “App” a Day Helps Keep the Doctor — and You — Away?
    If you are concerned about your health and safety while traveling, be concerned no more. Members of Milepoint share their preferred software application programs which they recommend as your prescription for you to use. Take at least one — but don’t call one of them in the morning...

    Lend an Ear — and Funds — to Help Stop the Loss of Hearing
    Speaking of health, there are literally hundreds of causes supported by Milepoint through Kiva related to hearing loss and deafness — and there are literally thousands of people who suffer from losing this precious sense. All of the causes cannot be listed here; but please click here and enter a search term such as deaf or hearing to find a cause local to you where you can help. Additionally, House Clinic in Los Angeles is a world-renowned facility where people suffering from hearing loss have a chance of hope of regaining their hearing — or, at least, slowing or stopping the loss of their hearing.
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