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    [Now Expired] Final Chance: Submit Your Startup for a Chance to Win $50,000
    Last call to be submitted into our great Launchpoint funding competition! The competition is for small startups focused on providing tools, services and apps designed for the road warrior and frequent flyer. Do you have or know a small startup in the travel space looking for exposure and a chance to show off their best product? Visit the Launchpoint website to learn more and submit your startup!

    Siri Directs Travelers to Drive on FAI Taxiway
    Not long ago were the days of Apple Maps directing people onto a taxiway at Dulles Airport which led to officials advising that it could not only get someone arrested for doing so, but also “run over by a 747.” It seems that Siri is up to her old tricks again, proving that maybe having a backup paper map in your car isn’t always a bad idea.

    I'll Never Take Elite Status for Granted Again!
    “With the amount of travel many of us do, it's sometimes easy to get into the groove and forget just how good some of us have it.” A perfect start to the thread and incredibly true. We often criticise programs, but it’s easy to miss once we give it up or lose it. Frequent flyers chime in about their experiences and fears concerning losing their beloved status.

    American, US Air Workers Rally For Merger
    The Justice Department may be against the merger, but flight attendants, pilots, baggage handlers, and more are pushing lawmakers to side with the airlines. While it is ultimately in the judge’s hands, the backing of airline employees can’t hurt the case for American and US Air.

    Hyatt And MGM Resorts Answer Additional Questions From Milepoint Chat
    Did you miss our latest Milepoint Chat with Jeff Zidell from Hyatt Gold Passport and Scott Voeller from MGM Resorts a few weeks ago or maybe they ran out of time and didn’t get to your question? Well, you’re in luck! Jeff and Voeller went back through the list of questions and answered as many as possible and we have posted them in the forum for all our members. Check it out!

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