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    Money For Nothing | StarMegaDo4 for Free
    For the fourth year in a row, Randy Petersen, founder of Milepoint, is giving away a free seat on the next Star MegaDO adventure to one lucky Milepoint member. To earn your chance to win, all you have to do is post something in the contest thread- the more you post, the greater your odds of winning. And as an added bonus, if you are a Milepoint Silver, Gold, or Platinum member you could also win the next new iPad from Apple as soon as it is released! The contest ends Sept. 30, so get those comments in while you can!

    Are airplane armrests and seatbelt buckles filthy?
    Germs, bugs, colds, flu... it’s that time of year. While some people choose to ignore it and embrace this bacteria-filled world, others load up on vitamin C and strap on their hazmat suits. With the amount of people who fly daily you have to wonder just how often armrests, seatbelts, and tray tables get cleaned. With airplanes forever at the top of the germ list, do you go about your business and hope for the best or reach for your trusty antibacterial wipes before sitting?

    Man fakes pilot credentials to fly for free
    While children pretend to put on their pilot cap and sail through the bright blue skies, this 32-year-old took it a bit further. In true ‘Catch Me If You Can’ fashion, this Italian man not only disguised himself as a pilot, but created an entirely fictitious world using social media so he could chat about imagined flights to his made up co-workers. Is this guy just really passionate about flying on the airline’s dime or has he entered into his own version of the Twilight Zone?

    The world's best passenger complaint letter?
    Flight delayed? Out of toilet paper in the restroom? Food not up to par? Send a complaint letter! Airlines probably get them by the boatload (or maybe planeload would be more fitting here), but there are very few that are worthy of being sent all over the internet. This complaint by a disgruntled Virgin Airlines customerdefinitely fits in that category and is not one to be missed.

    What the world eats for lunch
    Getting tired of the same small rotation of lunches you’ve been having for years? Take a look at what the rest of the world eats for lunch! Whether traveling to one of these locations or just anxious to try something new, from fiery ema datshi to fish and chips, this list has something for everyone!

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