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    Win a Free Seat on the MegaDO
    For the fourth year in a row, Randy Petersen, founder of Milepoint, is giving away a free seat on the next Star MegaDO adventure to one lucky MIlepoint member. To earn your chance to win all you have to do is post something in the contest thread - the more you post, the greater your odds of winning. And as an added bonus, if you are a Milepoint elite member you could also win the next new iPad from Apple as soon as it is released!

    Delta forces AwardWallet to cease and desist
    Were you enjoying the use of AwardWallet to keep track of your Delta miles and certificate rewards? Well get ready to manually enter them, because in an official statement sent to AwardWallet on Monday, Delta issued a firm “too bad” stance. Will this have a major negative effect for AW? And will similar services like UsingMiles be far behind?

    What Would You Want In A New Blog?
    From Hungover Owls to Selleck Waterfall Sandwich there is literally a blog for everything. The subject of business and leisure travel seems to be crowding the blogosphere in the last couple years, but there still might be niches to fill. With the rise in complaints about credit card pushers and affiliate links on blogs it was time to ask: What would you want in a new blog?

    Travelers arrested after hiding small primates in underwear at Delhi airport
    “What’s the best way to get a small, carnivorous primate from point A to point B? Underwear. Illegal you say? Crazy talk... I’m sure it will turn out well” said one of the three men just prior to being arrested for trying to smuggle the exotic pets across the Delhi border.

    Video: San Francisco From a UA Plane ca. 1941
    Want to see what SFO looked like in 1941? All you need is a wormhole, a Large Hadron Collider or a rocket that goes really, really fast. Don’t have any of those? Well I suppose you could just watch this home movie taken from a United Airlines plane circling and landing in San Francisco in 1941. That works almost as well.

    Topguest - Points/Miles for "checking in"
    If you thought “checking in” places was only to brag to friend on Facebook you’re doing it wrong. Milepoint members do some crazy things for points, but this method for gathering some only takes a few taps on your smartphone... which I know you’re using anyways. More tips and fair warnings on Milepoint.

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