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    Upgrading into United Economy...
    Tired of settling for bathroom and standing-room only seats? United Airlines is now upgrading frequent travelers into its world-renowned Economy seats. So sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the 32” pitch of comfort in United Economy!

    Family of four stranded at airport for six days
    Picture this: You’re stuck in an airport with your wife/husband, 13-year-old daughter, and 4-year-old son. You have no money for a hotel room and only enough for one meal per day for the family. Your son has been vomiting and is being checked out by theairport paramedics. What do you do? Usually your answer wouldn’t be to wait for United Airlines and an anonymous donor to get you home... but in this case this is just what occurred. How could something like this happen?

    Frontier's New Small-City Strategy Seems To Be Working
    Live near a small airport and find that airlines are leaving? Dun dun dun!! Frontier Airlines to the rescue!! As Frontier seeks residence with more and more small to mid-sized airports, people are embracing the newcomer and using them for their travel needs. Are you using airlines like Frontier Airlines to fly from small cities to large hub airports?

    America Needs A Five-Star Airline
    The U.S.A. “Land of the free and home to the brave.” By brave they probably mean the people who constantly have to deal with Economy domestic flights right? Does America need a 5-star airline to bring back the Pan Am jet era, or will those that can settle for current first class services? Join the discussion on Milepoint.

    The world’s shortest passenger flight is...
    As you look to the nearby island you think, “I bet I could take a plane to get there” right? Exactly! These planes are looking out for your interests in this two minute flight... or maybe this 90-second flight that you can take when the “winds are right”. Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, we’re off!... Unfasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, we’ve arrived!

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