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    Passengers Vote For Their Favorite Airlines
    There are many airlines that aggravate their passengers daily and only a few that really, truly go out of their way to provide the best service they can. Enter the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) who has put together a Passenger Choice Awards using 14 different categories. Award your favorite airlines and take their short survey!

    Silver Status Loses Its Luster for Frequent Fliers
    We all remember our first time gaining status with our airline of choice. Getting something extra for doing something we planned to do regardless. Isn’t it splendid? Oh, wait... you’re only Silver? I’ll make sure to wave to you from my complimentary Economy Comfort upgrade seat once you are eventually allowed to board.

    US Airways Bumps Unaccompanied Minor From Flight
    True or False: As a flight attendent or gate agent, the first person you bump from an overbooked flight is a 13-year-old accompanied only by his 16-year-old sister ... and then you follow that up by telling the kids to make their own accommodations at the nearby Hilton. If you answered “False” you have what leading gene research scientists refer to as the "common sense" gene. This truly outrageous situation could have easily ended up being any parent’s worst nightmare.

    Carnival Suddenly Remembers They Could be Charging Customers More Fees
    A la carte pricing on a cruise ship? That's what Carnival is testing with its new “Faster to the Fun” program. What's next, rowing class ... unless you opt to purchase the "Rowing Class Exclusion" fee, of course. To top it all off, some people seem to really need this fee. Death to all inclusive cruises. Long live the fees!

    Around the World in Six Toilets
    From India’s “The Squat” to South Korea’s “Toilet of the Future”, we all need to use them when traveling. Do you enjoy simplicity when going about your business or do you need the full experience of flashing lights, robotic hands, and a flight to mars? Head over to Milepoint and let the heated debate commence!
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