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    Milepoint Premium Membership
    If you happened to be browsing Milepoint during just the right few hours last Thursday, you might have been among the first to witness first-hand the soft launch of Milepoint Premium membership. Since then, we’ve received many questions about the still evolving fine details of the offer … not the least of which being when the offer will once again be available.

    Airlines Likely to Lose Your Bag
    According to IMMUS (The Institute of Mostly Made Up Statistics), 97 percent of flights arrive at the correct airport while a full 98 percent of passengers' bags are lost each year! Statistics like this raise serious questions. How do 26 million bags still go missing internationally each year? How many billions of dollars do airlines earn from checked luggage? And can you really trust any statistic mentioned in this newsletter?

    26 Wild Things You Probably Didn't Know About Fast Food
    Hint: “It’s actually good for you,” isn’t on the list. What is on the list? McDonalds will offer you a bacon roll, a beer, or a bacon potato pie depending on where you land. And Wendy’s offers an off-the-menu monster burger that even most Americans couldn’t stomach in one sitting.

    MIT Researchers Predict Which US Airports Are Most Likely To Spread Disease
    During the next flu and/or zombie apocalypse outbreak be sure to avoid these airports at all costs, as well as anyone who has been to any of those airports, anyone who has been in direct contact with anyone who has been to those airports … you get the picture.

    What airline fees are next?
    Checked bag fees, select your seat fees, window shade operation privilege fees … they’re only nickels and dimes, right? What’s next in the ancillary revenue game?

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