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    Hotel Offers Guests Electronic Bibles
    Watch out Gideons, this hotel in Newcastle is trying to steal your thunder. Hotel Indigo in Britain is stocking each of its 148 rooms with Kindles pre-equipped with the Bible, with the option to download other religious texts during your stay. Would you like seeing an ebook in every hotel ... or is it just a waste of resources in the age of personal IHE (in-hand entertainment)?

    Would You Redeem Airline Miles For Direct Cash?
    Would you rather have frequent flyer miles or a stack of twenties? The reward programs are betting on the latter at an increasing rate. It’s been eight years since the failed Pay with Points program from American Express Rewards, but schemes in that vein are more popular than ever. Will you be sticking with your miles or looking to cash in?

    How United Stays Profitable
    We all know, and to some degree even accept, that airlines need to continue to find new ways to cut costs and increase revenue. They are businesses after all. So, now we have to pay for some bags that were formerly free to check. And maybe we pay for an in-flight meal here or there if we’re really hungry. But paying $24,000 for a non-stop flight from SFO to LAX - that seems a bit excessive.

    What was the strangest thing you’ve ever done for miles/points?
    Our family and friends already think we’re crazy for flying all over just to rack up miles, but then we go and collect fast food cups, stack hundreds of Kellogg’s boxes in our garage, sign up for hair loss consultations (with a full head of hair) and get labeled as downright insane. Next up: Skydiving for miles. Who’s with me?

    Come Visit the House of Miles!
    The House of Miles is opening its cockpit door to our members! Fly over to Colorado Springs on September 23 to hang with Randy Peterson and other HOM residents.

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